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What is Computer

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कंप्यूटर क्या है - What is Computer in Hindi

In today’s blog, we will tell you what is computer. What is the full name of computer, as well as we will also know how computers work.

what is Computer ? – What is Computer in Hindi – We all know that how important it is to have a computer in today’s era, computers are used everywhere, computers have a huge contribution in making people’s work easier, so in today’s time we need computers. There should be good information about it, so let us tell you today what is computer.

Computer is an electronic device which is made up of many components. Computer is derived from the English word Compute, which we call Ganaana in Hindi. Initially, when computers were made, they were made only for calculation, that is why computers are also called calculators. Today’s computer is much smarter than the old computer. Because of today’s computer, we can do any work in minutes.

What is computer (Definition) – Computer Definition in Hindi

A computer is an electronic device that accepts the instructions given by the user as input, and on the basis of that, processes the information and shows it as output.

Three Main Forms of Computer

First- Input
Second – Process
And third – Output
input – like mouse, keyboard, mic, scanner
process – like CPU, Processor
output – like Printer, monitor

The full name of computer is – Full Form Of Computer

C – Generally
O – Operated
M – Machine
P – Especially
U – Used For
T – Technology
R – Research

How computer works. – How Computer Works.

Computer works in 3 steps input, process, output

Computer works in 3 steps input, process, output

1. Input – When we input any type of data into the computer through keyboard or mouse and give instructions to do some work, it is called Input. Input Device like – Mouse, Keyboard

2. Processing – When the computer does the processing of the inputted instructions. So we call the term processing.

3. Output – After this, when the computer shows the processed data as a result in Output. So we call the term the output. Output Device like – Speaker, Monitor

Advantage of Computer

computers make our work easier
With the help of computer, we can do different things together.
We can store any data in the computer.
computer is your entertainment

Disadvantages of Compute

Spending too much time on the computer can prove to be harmful for our eyes.
Using the computer without work is also a waste of time.
Because of computers, many people lost their jobs too.
Children play games on computer most of the time and pay less attention to studies.

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