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How to Create a Blog and Make Money Online

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How to Create a Blog in Hindi

How to Create a Blog 

How to make a blog Create a Blog in Hindi – Hey friends, whoever is looking for a free blogging course for a long time or how to blog, today I have brought this course for you. If you do not know even a little bit about blogging, then after reading this article of ours, you will get complete information about it.

So if you want to learn how to blog and want to earn money from blogging then this article will help you a lot. Because in this regard I try to explain everything very well. I hope you are also well aware of all these things.

What is blog? What is Blog?

A blog is a blog that writes its experiences, knowledge and life stories like a book, the only difference is that people pay to read books, whereas blogs are read on mobile phones through search. Is. Internet.

A blog is a type of website, but it is somewhat different from a website, as a website is a company’s product, while a blog is a personal diary.

To convey your experiences, your thoughts, your information to people in the form of text, images or videos through the Internet is called a blogger, and the person who displays or creates a blog is called a blogger. Blog and what am I blogging about?

If you still have any doubt that what is blog then you can read some post where you can get complete information about what is blog and then we tell you how to create a blog for free.

Different blogging platforms


Friends, if you want to do a free blog, then you have to choose a good free blogging platform, blogging platform means on which platform you will do your free blog in the way of blogging because there are thousands of free blogging platforms on the internet.

But you also need to choose which platform is more suitable for you because each platform has different features and this is the advantage of blogging for free.

Here before choosing any platform you should know for what you want to start free blog and if your goal is to earn money through free blogging then you must choose earning platform in free blogging because you can earn money from all free blogging platforms. can earn Can’t earn money.

Friends, if we talk about the best blogging platform, there is no better platform than WordPress, but where you have to spend money to create a blog, it is paid, but here we are talking about creating a free blog. .

So there is no better platform than blogger in free blogging platform, whether it is to learn blog or earn money, although free blog can also be made on WordPress, but if you want to make a blog to earn money, then you only need blogger would choose . need.

Here I will tell you how to make blogger vs wordpress free blog, but my point is that if you really want to earn money from blogging then leave the dream of making free blog, you should buy hosting and a domain name on WordPress and make Need a blog.

If you don’t have money then you can go for blogger but here also you should create a free blog by buying a domain name or if you want to create an interesting blog then you can choose any platform.

How to choose the topic of the blog? How To Choose Blog Topic?

Perhaps you all know that most of the bloggers close their blog for this reason because they did not choose the topic of their blog properly. So let us now know what we have to do to find a good topic.

So if you ask this question to any blogger then all will give you same answer, you have good knowledge of any field or anything. You start your blog with the same theme.

what do you think Should we do this? We should blog about everything we know.

I want to tell you, no, we should not do this, still we have to see a lot and see only what we know.

It is not enough, let’s say whatever you know, and you have already made a blog on it. But nobody wants to know that information about you, so you also need to see whether people want to read your blog or not.

Now you must be wondering how to find out whether people want to read about this topic or not. Or how many people have searched for that information on the Internet.

So for this you have to do keyword research according to your blog topic. If you want to start your blog on Health Niche. So search with your topic and see if there is a search volume of keywords related to that topic or not.

You can use Ahref tool for keyword research. But for that you have to pay Rs 300-400 per month, if you want to use free tools then WMS Everywhere will be perfect for you. This is a chrome extension.

Apart from this, you have another way to choose the right theme for your blog and that is by opening and typing Top 10 Blog + Your Niche (your blog theme) in its search box.


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