Writing Careers | Best 6 Jobs for Writers

There’s much more to writing than magazines and books. When people think of “writing careers” they tend to think of authors and writers.
But there are more choices for those who love to write than becoming the next Harold Pinter or George Eliot.

The six professions that follow range a variety of businesses and specialties — read on to discover which job would suit you best.

1. Technical Writer


If you have a talent for refining complex thoughts into plain English, a career in Technical Writing might be a solid match in writing careers.
Technical writers plan guidance manuals, how-to guides, testimonial, documentation, FAQs, and other supporting materials.

It probably won’t seem like the most spectacular activity, yet any individual who’s keen on programming, building, science, website architecture and other specialized fields will appreciate it.
Also, Technical Writers have extraordinary occupation possibilities. As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the interest for Technical Writers is relied upon to become 10% by 2024, which is quicker than the normal for all occupations.

Most Technical Writers work all day. To get one, you need a professional education. Recognition with a specialized subject will improve your chances of getting employed.

2. Editor

Normally good writers make good editors. After all, they’re talented at creating pitches and compose copies that are simple, and understandable.
Now, rather than coming up with those concepts and creating that copy themselves, they usually assign these roles to a writers’ team and then refine the final project.

Editors are active in many industries, businesses & jobs. The most popular is the magazine editor; however, you might be a blog editor for an organization or a formative supervisor at a distributing house.

3. Magazine Writer


Magazine Writer create articles and highlight stories for a wide range of online and print publications. They can be hired as writers or as freelance writers working on a contract basis.

You may operate on a conventional monthly print publication, generating daily cadence stories for the press. And for an online magazine, you can also write three articles a day.
Pretty much every niche—from science and medication to politics and humor— have at least one magazine some of them have hundreds so your choices are not limited.

Generally, becoming a writer requires at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism or associated area with the field. The media landscape of the magazine is fairly competitive and at the start of your career frequently involves a few years in a low-paid job.

4. News Reporter

writing careers

If you enjoy asking questions, diving into the facts and building stories, turning into a journalist will likely suit you.
While composing for a news outlet you will get the chance to travel, interview famous or incredible people, and cover enormous news.

But with the decrease in print reporting, employments are getting scarcer.
Journalist additionally will, in general, make moderately low pay rates. Also, news reporting is not a 9 to 5 occupation. Perhaps you have to remain late to wrap up an opportune story, chip away at the ends of the week to hit your deadline for a major piece or start interviewing a source early with a jam-packed schedule.

Having a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications will help you get you the job. Having work experience during an internship is generally preferred.

5. Social Media Manager

social media

Ten years ago, it would have sounded stupid to use social media to market a business.
Nowadays, Industries are struggling to hire professionals to handle their social networks. Besides prominent channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter, several agencies also include Quora, Vine, Slack and more in their strategy.

Writers are a perfect match for roles on social media. A lot of it requires composing: infographic copies, tweets, Facebook captions, LinkedIn posts, etc. Besides, this work is exceptionally innovative.

Your safest bet is to keep active profiles on all social platforms. Getting freelance social media experience will likewise make you an attractive candidate, regardless of whether you’ve just dealt with the records of a little organization.

6. Blogging / Blog Writer


The autonomous blog world is oversaturated at this moment, which means there is relatively little chance of becoming sufficiently successful to pay all your expenses with income from your blog.

But bloggers themselves can flourish by composing for third party companies. To give you a thought, you could compose blog entries for a product organization, recruiting agency, or an online beauty care products brand.

Although these gigs probably won’t bring fame and money, they are perfect if you love sketching ideas and use content to attract business goals.

These were our top 6 writing careers!

Do you have the necessary skills for the job you want?
The initial step to building a writing career is to snatch whatever composing openings you can discover. So investigate helpful projects close to you.
Tell us how helpfull our article on “writing careers” is and which way are you going to pick in the comment segment.

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