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Longing for a vocation that pays you to travel? Who doesn’t? Working eight hours consistently behind a PC screen isn’t for everybody. A few people love to travel, and being stuck in a workspace is depleting to them. In case you’re always arranging your next trip, consider finding a profession that accommodates your way of life. Rather than burning through the entirety of your PTO and hard-earned cash on just voyaging more than once per year, you can do a travel job. Here are 20 potential travel jobs to consider.

1. Flight Attendant

travel jobs

Probably the best travel jobs that enable you to travel is being a flight attendant. You’ll make a trip on a beautiful aircraft to various nations all while getting pleasant pay and great advantages.

Specifications for being a flight attendant vary among different airlines to become a flight attendant you don’t need a professional degree, and most major airlines only require prior customer service experience and Federal Aviation Administration certification. Airline hiring managers often highly appreciate qualities such as speaking a foreign language and CPR education.
Often the hours are unpredictable, and the job isn’t always easy, but during your career, you will get a glimpse of hundreds of cities around the globe.

2. Cruise Ship Worker

Travel jobs

Cruise ship jobs have a reputation for being one of the fantastic jobs where you can travel. You get a salary to see the world and engage with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, all while gathering a pay and accepting free food and lodging. Since cruise ships offer pretty much every assistance possible, there are openings for work for people from all foundations. You can be a server in one of the eateries, an expert, clerk and even an entertainer in one of the ship’s demonstrations.
cruise ship work can appear to be a fantasy occupation to individuals who love to travel, but it also needs a lot of effort and long working hours.

3. Travel Agent

Travel jobs

In the era of Google searches and travel value correlation sites, a few people may imagine that the expert trip specialist is a dead profession. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a decrease in this occupation throughout the following decade, it’s as yet a compensating work for any individual who wants to travel. To offer genuine, accommodating counsel to customers, trip specialists regularly visit well-known goals to get a firsthand understanding of the hotels and eateries they suggest. Whether your customers are enterprise or travelers, your customers will be grateful for your insight into local sights and activities.

4. Tour Guide

Travel jobs

You can travel the world as a tour guide and share your passion for hiking with other travelers on holiday. You have to be able to handle masses of people and to be successful you need to have a background in history or cultural knowledge. Many tour guides work as freelancers, but there are also large groups that employ tour guides to run their tour programs. Throughout the year, the schedule will vary and generally includes a busy tourist season and a low season where you might not get as many trips.

5. Travel Writer/ Blogger

travel blogger

One of the most available travel jobs for journeying the world is tour writing. As a writer, in blog posts or articles for newspapers and publications, you can cover popular new places and off the beaten track destinations.

Globe-renowned outlets like The New York Times, Conde Nast, and National Geographic all employ travel writers to document on the earth’s travel destination destinations. You will be traveling on the company’s dime as a journalist for a major newspaper, thus showcasing the best travel locations and experiences of the year.

If you choose to be a travel blogger, you will be traveling and working with local tourism industries and companies to promote areas as destinations for travel.

6. Ski Instructor

Travel jobs

If you enjoy mountains and snow sports, by becoming a ski instructor, you will merge your love for great outdoors with travel. You can teach various ski styles, Including slope-style and park to the telemarketer and alpine skiing. Seasonal ski instructors were employed by resorts around the globe. Most resorts require some level of certification because various levels enable you to teach everybody from first-time skiers to skilled hiking slopes.

7. Scuba Diver

scuba diver

As a scuba diver, you’ll see universes of creatures that lone exist in a couple of spots, will train new students the fundamentals of diving.
Turning into a scuba diving educator isn’t cheap and the whole procedure takes a while, so if this is the route you want, make sure to take ample time to train and graduate. PADI requires candidates to be qualified as open water divers for a minimum of six months before they can begin their training as instructors. Then again, SSI requires at least 75 logged plunges just as SSI Dive Control Level or PADI Dive Master confirmations before you can select the teacher course.

8. Interpreter/ Translator


If you have true fluency in at least two languages, then you can be taken all over the world as an interpreter or a translator.
Throughout political and business meetings, international conventions and conferences, courtrooms and hospitals, refugee camps and multinational corporations, interpreters are required. Although you will usually be based in one area, on a series of short contracts you can easily see the globe. You will need a degree in language, an interpretation qualification, and specialized knowledge of science, politics, law, or economics.

9. Au Pair

Travel jobs

One of the most well-known travel jobs is being an Au Pair. It is a brilliant way to see a new world and make money if you’re careful and are good with children. Au pairs live in return for caring for children with a host family and help kids with their homework or shuttle them to after school activities. Websites like InterChange connect au pairs to host households everywhere from America to Australia and New Zealand.

10. International Aid Worker

travel jobs

If you prefer to tour for a dwelling whilst making a real difference in people’s lives, think about working for a worldwide resource agency like USAID. With this occupation, you can visit nations and assist occupants with regaining from critical circumstances, for example, catastrophic events and starvation. You’ll require a foundation in a field, for example, wellbeing, farming or training and a solid enthusiasm for social work.

11. English teacher/ ESL teacher (English as a Second Language)


If English is your local language and you know about fundamental showing ideas and aptitudes, you can turn into an English educator and instruct abroad.
Getting a Bachelor’s degree and also some practical experience are the main concerns for teaching English in general. A few organizations will expect you to have a TESOL or CELTA certification so it’s imperative to discover the necessities before you apply.
There are organizations online like VIPKID and DaDaABC that enable you to be an ESL educator for understudies in China without leaving your home.

12. Traveling Nurses


Traveling nurses move around the nation from an emergency clinic to medical clinics, skipping starting with one brief position then onto the next. You’ll be sent to zones where medical attendants are required most, and your lodging, travel costs and advantages are regularly secured. Similarly, as with any nursing position, you’ll need certifications from a nursing system to turn into traveling nurses.

13. Retail Buyer

travel jobs

For the wanderlust fashionista, the ultimate dreamwork could be a career in retail purchasing. In addition to tracking in-store stock, retail buyers attend supplier meetings, trade shows, and conferences across the country (or even the world, depending on where the company’s products come from) to recognize market and customer patterns and determine what items the company will offer. It’s not just clothing stores, of course, which recruit purchasing agents; many large retail companies employ buyers to help them pick and negotiate product deals.

14. Peace Corps Volunteer


As the name “volunteer” may suggest, you’re not exactly working with the Peace Corps to raise six figures. And if you don’t mind working on a budget, you can become part of a prestigious company that allows you to travel around the world while making a difference. Generally, assignments last two years and involve working to promote education, health care, and economic and agricultural growth in an international community. The Peace Corps also offers housing, health benefits, and deferment of student loans, not to mention an excellent point of discussion.

15. Consultant

To solve specific problems, companies hire consultants from a variety of fields. Because their expertise is so advanced, the client base of a consultant is often spread throughout the country, or even throughout the world. This requires regular on-site visits to maintain a positive relationship with customers, making it a perfect work for people who love frequent travel.

16. Athletic Recruiter

Athletic recruiters are hired by universities and professional sports associations to fly to schools and sporting events across the country to find new talent. You’ll need to know the game inside and outside, as well as the specific skills that an athlete needs for certain team positions, but if you’re an avid sports fan, this part of the job might be simple for you.

17. Yacht crew

travel job

Everyone is needed by those lucky enough to sail their way around the world, from cooks and nannies to engineers and captains. Although you will see new ports every few days, the casual crew on recreational ships are often not compensated, so if you want to earn money when sailing, it is worth having some known qualifications.
Courses operated by the Royal Yachting Association ( vary from basic skills to Yachtmaster, but time on the water and experience is important in a variety of conditions

18. Foreign Service Officer

If you want to combine your passion to travel with your affection of your country, a profession as a Foreign Service officer or professional could be proper travel jobs for you. The best-realized Foreign Service work is a U.S. representative, however, there are masses of different profession tracks that permit you to meet and engage with overseas governments. The U.S. Branch of State has more insights concerning these employments recorded on its site, and within excess of 250 consulates far and wide, there are a lot of chances for movement.

19. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants work for small companies from home on a freelance basis, but who is going to say where the house is? You can operate from almost anywhere with a secure phone and internet connection. You will need at least five years of experience working in a senior administration position in an office environment to develop yourself as a virtual assistant. But if you plan to travel, you’ll need to study the market at your destination or start your business at home first, create a customer base, and if you’re confident of a steady flow of work, hit the road.

20. Photographer


This is not the easiest way to make a living and profit is never assured, but while at work, photojournalists, landscape and travel photographers get some of the world’s finest and exciting places.
Travel options are endless and many photographers are running their projects as well as commissioning.
It will take three years to complete a photography degree, but formal qualifications are less important than good eyes and proven talent.

Now that you’ve viewed the possibilities, you can begin assessing which capabilities you possess and how you can flip those into a profession where you can travel.

I hope you been inspired by way of the travel jobs record shared in this article. Tell us which travel jobs you like the most in the comment part below.

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