How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Read on to know How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2020.


Affiliate Marketing is all about earning money. Piles of money. Cash for sitting idle.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to earn money from affiliate marketing. In case you’re completely new to it, this post will assist you with the beginning.

In case you’re already doing affiliate marketing, you’ll likely still discover something in here you haven’t thought of previously.

Before we get in too far, how about we start with a short description.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s a path for you (the affiliate) to procure a commission for mentioning services or items to your contacts, users, or readers’.

Affiliate marketing is referral marketing. At the point when you allude another client to a company that has an affiliate program, you get commissioned.

Like, let’s say you’re an Amazon affiliate and you suggest a book or any item, so when individuals purchase that book or item through your link, Amazon will pay you a percentage.

How does Affiliate market works?

How to earn money from affiliate marketing

It’s is an easy procedure:

You recommend a service or item to your users.

Your users buy the item using your affiliate link.

You get paid a percentage for the sale made utilizing your affiliate link.

Easy, isn’t it?

How Affiliate Marketers are Paid?

There are a few sorts of Affiliate programs. Most will pay you a level rate or level of the deal you make (pay-per-sale).

Another basic sort is the point at which you’re paid per activity or lead. Like, if you recommend somebody who registers the organization free trial, the company pays you for the sign-up.

Although no longer seen as frequently, some people will pay you per click (mostly seen in contextual advertising programs like Google Adsense) or per impression (each time the promotion is stacked on your site).

A few projects will pay you depending on the aftereffects of other affiliate marketers you recommend, it’s known as a two-level program.

The payment size and process also differ.

Most projects pay their affiliates month to month, though a few pay regularly. Some necessitate that affiliate income arrive at a specific threshold. A few projects don’t have an edge.

Some programs pay through the bank but mostly pay through PayPal.

How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website?

So, can you target affiliates even without a site?

There is some stigma about affiliate marketing that drove individuals to believe that they can’t do it without a site. Honestly, you really can turn into an affiliate marketer even without a site or blog.

There are a lot of ways and I have mentioned five of them.

You are not required to own a site in any case, so make the best of the situation! See which of the five alternatives I listed gives you the best outcomes and continue.

5 Ways on How to earn money from affiliate marketing without a Website

1. Promote via Social Media

Turning into an affiliate marketer doesn’t generally expect you to possess a blog or site yet it requires you to have an online presence.

Having accounts on Facebook or Twitter can be a nice start as long as you have friends and followers, you can always create a following that might be willing to click on an affiliate link you share.

So you can gain cash as an affiliate marketer. However, you have to create a post that could impact your audience.

A post with valuable content is always a smart idea since you have to earn your crowd’s trust so the post you make must be relevant to your crowd.

So before you post an affiliate link, ensure that you have the trust and support of your crowd.

Ensure that your content is related to your niche. Uploading something not related to your niche may push away the clients.

Utilize pictures also, visual guides for the most part help draw in readers and once you know what kind of images to place, you’ll catch the attention of your followers.

2. Affiliate via e-book

Another great choice to take when doing affiliate marketing is through a digital book. In case you already have an E-book, you can do Affiliate via E-book.

Although this is viewed as a bit hard alternative, if done properly, a good e-book can also have effective results.

Give them helpful data and include the link. If your audiences appreciate your work rely on the information you have given and support you as a genuine source, then the affiliate link is your reward.

3. Promote through Online Forums or Communities

Online forums and communities are everywhere and you can utilize these to do affiliate. Firstly, find a forum that addresses what you want to promote.

Ensure to read the community and forum rules well, so you know what posts are permitted and what is not.

When you find the right community or forum to affiliate, be a member and take active participation. This will enable you to build trust.

This can be achieved by engaging with others, responding to questions or providing solutions while adding affiliate links.

After some time customers will have faith in you and will be glad to tap on the links you have given.

4. Try Email Campaigns

Emails are one of the easiest ways to find out whether individuals are reacting to your links or not.

Creating an email campaign is easy. When composing an email, make sure it’s engaging.

An email with good content is a perfect way to keep your reader engaged. So, think about a good subject before composing an email and add your affiliate link in it.

Good content will help increase your future possible revenues.

5. Through YouTube videos

One of the best methods on How to earn money from affiliate marketing is through YouTube. All you need is a YouTube channel to kick you off in advancing affiliate links!

If you already have a YouTube channel then it’s perfect!

No, you don’t have to be a Youtube star to be an affiliate, you can make normal videos that viewers can use. As long as the content you shared is helpful and interesting you can encourage affiliate links.

While making videos ensure that they are relevant to the services and products you want to promote. Describe the product in the description of your video and add the affiliate link of the product.

So be innovative and clever when making videos, the more interesting and unique the more audiences you can get the opportunity to tap on the affiliate link you have given.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are intermediaries that connect blogs and entrepreneurs (“publishers”) to businesses (“merchants”) that provide affiliate program incentives for their goods or services.

It provides exposure to publishers to multiple affiliate services through a single portal.

And this led us to our next topic “What is the Best Affiliate Network?”

What is the Best Affiliate Network?

I’m going to give you the breakdown— you pick the network that best meets your requirements. Let’s get there!

1. ShareASale

ShareASale provides more than 3,900 affiliate programs and 40 unique categories. Various options for membership.

Regardless of whether you want to provide your customers with merchandise, software services, or computerized downloads, ShareASale (affiliate program) covered all.

Protected and secure. With zero client complaints on the document. Consistent timeline for reimbursement.

On the twentieth of every month, since you have a deposit of at a minimum of $50, ShareASale sends you cash.

Various payment options. You can have payment using checks via the post office, direct deposit or wire move.

2. ClickBank

Millions of possibilities. ClickBank gives excess to 6 million exclusive affiliate program.

Flexible compensation plan. It let you pick how regularly you need to get paid. Need regularly scheduled payouts? You got it. Week after week? Done.

Wide range payment alternatives. Check, wire move, and direct deposit is accessible. Worldwide clients can get paid through Payoneer. Oh, no PayPal here either.

It concentrates more on digital items made by the system. In case you’re looking to solely advance digital items, and you need (actually) a large number of choices (numerous with high commissions), ClickBank is a safe bet.

3. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

Heaps of brands. CJ Affiliate gives you access to over 3,000 vendors.

They pay monthly. They join all your affiliate payments into one regularly scheduled installment.

Two installment choices. Get paid by direct deposit or checks via the post office. No PayPal.

Anybody with existing following who needs app-rich affiliate program will discover a great deal to like with CJ Affiliate.

Nonetheless, it may not be a good alternative for beginners.

Since accounts are deactivated if you go a half year without acquiring a commission, and because their traders have gained notoriety for being critical on who they acknowledge as distributers.

It’s best for the individuals who get relentless traffic to their sites.

4. Amazon Associates

how to earn money from affiliate marketing

Enormous selection. Bloggers can promote Amazon’s huge collection of physical and digital items.

Supported by Amazon. Esteemed at over $1 trillion, and with more than 90 million paying Prime endorsers in the United States, Amazon’s huge e-commerce online products are not going anywhere.

It’s a reliable company. Amazon items usually rank very well in Google web results.

Not a good payment plan. Amazon Associates pays you around 60 days after the month’s end in which you earned your bonus.

Many payment choices. You can even get paid by online banking, Amazon gift cards, or checks. Adding affiliate links in emails is contrary to the company policy of Amazon.

So remember this if email marketing is your main method of selling affiliate goods.

Adding affiliate links in emails is contrary to the company policy of Amazon. So remember this if email marketing is your main method of selling affiliate goods.

5. FlexOffers

The growing list of resources for the affiliate network. FlexOffers has 12,000+ traders in 25+ classes over 27 nations. What’s more, they include new shippers every week.

Rapid payment. One of the zones where FlexOffers sparkles is with payments. When you recommend a deal, your fee is charged within 30 days ( as soon you meet the base parity of $50).

In case you’re the best performer it’s conceivable to be paid inside 7 days.
Standard installment alternatives. U.S. citizens can be paid with a money order or direct store.

PayPal is accessible to those outside the USA.

6. eBay Partner Network (EPN)

Billions of chances. eBay has 1.1 billion postings. You’ll never come up short on physical items to elevate to your crowd. Supported by eBay.

With 175 million purchasers buying over $23 billion of products every year, EPN’s parent organization (eBay) is designed to last.

Dependable installment plan. As long as you have collected the minimum $10, EPN pays you month to month.

It enables you to be paid through PayPal. (Direct Deposit is likewise accessible.)

7. Pepperjam

Quality over quantity. With just 1,500 dealers, they have fewer choices than their rivals. Why? It’s because they just deal with the brands they love.

Compensation two times a month. As soon as you reach the minimum deposit of $25, They pay you two times a month.

Compensation intervals are around the first and fifteenth of every month.

It let you get paid through PayPal (which is the default installment technique), check, or direct deposit.

8. Rakuten Marketing (formerly LinkShare)

Rakuten’s brand collection is lower than most. Just 1,000 shippers.

They just pay you after the shippers have paid them.

Like, if you have earned a commission in January, it would be invoiced toward the beginning of February, the trader would have a due date to pay Rakuten by February 28, and Rakuten would pay you in March.

Good payment alternatives. Direct deposit, check, and PayPal (in specific markets) are all offered by Rakuten.


Indeed you can profit through Affiliate marketing. Great cash, even while you rest. And what’s better than earning money while sitting at home.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing? You can do affiliate with or without a website and earn money. You can also join affiliate networks. All you have to do is to be innovative with your ideas and attract the crowd.

I hope you like my article on How to earn money from affiliate marketing in 2020. Tell me which thought you like the most in the comment section below.

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