Fitness Careers | List of Top 10 Careers For The Fitness Freak

In this article, we talk about fitness careers and how you can construct a profession there.

Do you know that you can have an incredible profession in the health and fitness industry?
Approximately 30 years back there was not really any fitness industry. Anyway today there is a very much characterized and organized industry that enables you to seek after a full-time vocation as a fitness trainer.

Some of them are as follows:

List of Fitness Careers:

1. Athletic Trainer

athletic trainer

What you’d do:

Athletic trainers are the individuals who work with the competitors and guide them. They help them in avoiding, diagnosing and treating the wounds. They are often hired by the sportsperson.

Essentially, they are trained to provide emergency care for athletes, such as supplying bandages, helmets, tapes, and first aid.
The athletic trainers set the athlete’s training schedule. For the individuals who love directing others with about fitness, this one is the best and agreeable activity.

What you’d need:

You need a bachelor’s degree, but the master’s degrees are becoming more popular. State requirements vary, but the majority require licensing or athletic trainers

2. Fitness Trainer


What you’d do:

Fitness trainers are usually employed in gyms, health centers, and fitness club. The fitness trainers, for the most part, take classes and lead the team to provide direction.

This is one of the wonderful fitness careers for the individuals who themselves love fitness and furthermore simultaneously prefer to teach others about fitness, guides them about what is good and bad. So, he must be an educator just as a helper.

What you’d need:

Most mentors need at least a high school diploma, however, an increasing number of employers are additionally requesting for a degree in health or fitness related field. Most jobs require fitness trainers to be certified.

3. Physical Education Teacher

physical education teacher

What you’d do:

A Physical Education Teacher teaches students about exercise, physical development, health, and nutrition. A PE teacher knows about sport and health sciences.

Physical education teacher tells students not just the best way to play different games, yet additionally how physical movement benefits the muscles and overall health.
PE teacher additionally plan exercises that help make students more involved in exercise-based learning.

What you’d need:

The candidates ought to hold a Bachelor’s diploma in Physical Education from a recognized university. It is desirable to hold a Master’s qualification in a similar order too.

4. Occupational Therapist


What you would do:

The occupational therapist helps people recover from trauma and infection that has enhanced their ability to work again. The therapist uses various exercises and other strategies to help patients recover their fitness and strength.
Their main objective is to build confidence in them to be autonomous, and to be less reliant on others to do tasks, etc.

This profession is ideal for those who are interested in exercise programs and like to impart fitness information to others to improve their physical condition at the same time.

What you’d need:

Occupational therapists must have a graduate degree and be authorized to rehearse. Occupational therapists undergo 24 weeks of structured fieldwork in the degree program to obtain clinical experience.

5. Massage Therapist

message therapist| fitness careers

What you would do:

It’s a big misconception that the massage therapist is doing a little bit more than just helping people unwind and feel better.
The massage therapist helps injured people to get better by treating their muscle tissues which cause them pain while they play the games or do some other physical activity.

The massage therapist helps the injured to recover more quickly so that they can return to the field for playing.

What you’d need:

Massage specialists regularly complete a postsecondary training system of at least 500 hours of study and experience, while qualifications and specifications differ from one state to another.

Many states control massage therapy and require massage therapists to have a license or credential.

6. Physical Therapist/ Physiotherapist


What you would do:

Physical therapists are those who help people regain their strength by helping them do some physical activities so that they can heal from disease and trauma more easily. They advise individuals to use stretching methods, massage therapy, and various activities to treat their patients well.

Most physical therapists decide to have some expertise in one field and choose to work individually with long-term disabled and sick athletes.

What you’d need:

A Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is obligatory. The program keeps going around three years and understudies, for the most part, and students usually need a bachelor’s degree before they enter the DPT program.

All states require licensing for physiotherapists.

7. Dietitian

Exercise is one aspect to live a total fit and sound life, but you also need to take care of the food you eat to remain fit and healthy. What to eat and what to skip can be known with the guidance of a dietitian.

balance diet

What you’d do:

Dietitians advise and guide people on how to use food to stay fit and achieve their desired goals for sports and health.
This can be a great job particularly for the individuals who are dedicated enough to inspire people concerning food and a reasonable eating regimen.

One can either work under somebody as a dietitian and can likewise do their private work.

What you’d need:

To turn into a dietitian, you should obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, food, and nutrition or a similar area.

8. Referees and umpires:

If you love the sport but don’t like running into the field and just want to enforce the rules of the sport, then serving as an umpire or referee is a good job.
The referees and the umpires work during evenings if there should arise an occurrence of the recreational games.

umpire and referee

What you would do:

The umpires and the referees have to follow the game rules for which they have to have detail information about the particular game.
The referees and the umpires must be familiar with the signs and symbols used to indicate the game’s penalty, out, net out, six, and many other essential elements. The game’s whole decision depends on how the referee scores.

What you would need:

Educational requirements differ by membership with state and local sports. Although a few states have no proper instruction prerequisites, different states require umpires, refs, and different games authorities to have a secondary school confirmation.

9. Sports Reporter:

sports reporter

What you would do:

Regardless of whether you are composing a minor story or covering the nearby sports group, a sports reporter has the full responsibility to the sports fans. The sports reporter will pick the facts, gather them, and afterward compose the news.
For composing the sports news, one may need to interview to write the sports news, broadcast live and do commentary.

This is not directly related to the fitness industry yet it is considered as one of the popular options in fitness careers.

What you’d need:

To aspiring sports journalists, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or a similar degree is a necessary step. Such a degree program offers a base for reporters in reporting, reading, critical thinking and other skills.

10. Fitness Club/ Gym Owner

gym center| fitness careers

What you would do:

You can open a fitness club offering exercise classes to a wide range of customers, or you can open a fitness center for a specific type of customer, for example, youngsters, ladies only, men only, or individuals with unique physical needs.

Your gym center can have cardio and endurance equipment for individuals to use during club hours. You can decide to offer services, like, therapy, Zumba dance classes, yoga, cardio classes.

You can work as a trainer in another fitness club or you can open your own club its totally up to you. Most people opt for this as fitness careers.

What you would need:

Typically a graduate degree in subjects like exercise or physical instruction Courses is a bare minimum qualification. But it’s good to have knowledge about courses like exercise physiology, weight training, and aerobics if you want to open a fitness club.

So these were our list of top 10 fitness careers that you can go for if you love fitness. I hope these career options have inspired you to turn your passion for fitness and wellness into a career.

Do let us know how helpful this information was, and which path are you going to choose in the comment section below.

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